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  1. >They couldn’t be that desperate, could they?

    Yep. They’ve run out of lies and half-truths, now it’s onto plain old “making shit up”. Tobacco Control 101.

    • They have really stretched credibility way beyond credibility at this stage.  I bet the world’s press will quote it with glee though, especially in the States.

  2. I’ve made many training and commercial videos over a great many years. I have never yet seen one which encapsulates the “message” in one accidental shot. They are always very carefully staged to look right. The cost of any professional crew -even now- is so great that the production team can not afford to wait around or waste tape just hoping something will happen.

    Well done Grandad for spotting the not-so obvious. Answer to your question: definitely yes.

    • Not so obvious?  It was the very first thing that struck me.  Why would someone with a mobile phone be filming two women on the floor below?  Given the title, it was obvious something was about to happen, and it’s remarkable that someone happened to be in precisely the right place filming precisely the right spot at precisely the right time.

      All that was missing were the rolling credits at the end.

      • The shot was staged to look like it was coming from a mounted security camera, but the shakiness gave it away.  The filmer made the mistake of thinking themselves better than they were (Oh, I can hold this steady. No Problem!).

        Plus someone who’s just had flames and sound and a huge cloud of smoke explode unexpectedly at them would NOT immediately go running back to the source to PICK IT UP!

        And finally, look at how “conveniently” all of the inside material in that bag was nicely charred to black ash while there were no components unburned or still burning as it was ever-so-nicely spread out as the woman backed away holding the bag to spread them.

        Good catch on this though: if I was just an “average person” I’d probably accept the base claim of an inadvertent vape explosion caught on security cam without a second thought.

        – MJM


  3. …and this is The Sun wot’s reporting it!

    The best “evidence” that activists, “heath” policy and govt funding can buy, filtered through the sensational lenzes of the Red Topiest of the MSN Red Tops…

    ‘Course it’s bo**ocks ; – )

    Edited to add: “Oooh, haven’t been here for a while, and now there’s an edit thingey. Like it :-)”

    • They have been telling us for ages here that cigarette smuggling is funding the IRA and other terrorist organisations.  The simple answer is to cut taxes and remove the reason for smuggling.  It is entirely their own fault.

      • “It is entirely their own fault.”    Most definitely.  Obviously the fastest, easiest, and ONLY foolproof way of cutting off this funding of terrorists is for the government to DESTROY their base by immediately eliminating the tobacco/cigarette taxes!

        Will the government do it?  Or do they secretly want to aid the terrorists?  If they maintain the tax rate channel that funds terrorism, are they themselves then complicit in enabling terrorism and would thus, in most legal courtrooms, be judged guilty of terrorism themselves?

        – MJM

  4. “hardening of the arteries”? Oh my! The “scientist” worrying about that definitely should not drink coffee or watch a horror movie. Cause that will lead to “hardening of the arteries”, too. And we can’t have that, can we? One time a “hardening of the arteries”, and 85 years later you will most certainly drop dead. Pretty premature death, then.

    Why are they so absolutely brain-dead and uncreative as to have the same old bullshit published worldwide with only days or a few weeks between the different countries? Do they really think that people won’t realize?

    I’m really starting to become bored to tears with all the anti-e-cig propaganda.

    Oh, and btw, that video of the “exploding e-cig” has been circulated many times before.
    How come btw that it’s batteries that explode in mobile phones or laptops but it’s always “exploding e-cigs”, though it’s the same old boring batteries used in spades in all kinds of electronic devides?
    Nah. It’s not propaganda. It’s the truth and nothing but the truth …

    • You have to admit though – they are becoming so farfetched in their “research” that they are good for a laugh?

      • Yep. The most funny thing in my humble opinion is, that in the long run they are producing what they fear most: that people, exactly because the zealots are getting more farfetched by the minute, start realizing how much brainwashing they’ve been subjected to.

        Waiting for a funny little revolution from vapers AND smokers. Turn around the witch hunt?

  5. Ten puffs?  Sheesh, I thought the SIGHT of an e-cig was enough!  How many millions of children will die because at a formative moment in their lives they saw someone vaping, thought it looked cool, and eventually grew up to smoke methamphetamine laced with PCP and Heroin?  Or, even worse… TOBACCO!!!

    – MJM
    P.S. This is exactly the sort of research I took apart in the “Killer Korn Flakes And Instant Heart Attacks” section of “TobakkoNacht — The Antismoking Endgame.”  Basically they take a micromeasurement of some particular thing that is vaguely related to a precursor to the development of some condition that 30 years later correlates with a slight increase in heart disease and declare that therefore that “thing” is CAUSING heart attacks.

    The claim breaks down completely when you perform the SAME measurements on a person sitting down to a breakfast of cornflakes and milk with a strawberry on top: the measurement for that are even WORSE than from the “deadly” exposure to wisps of secondary smoke. 

    • Virtually all their claims break down when examined.  My favourite is the Formaldehyde one – used for EMBALMING BODIES, overlooking the fact that it’s not only widely used in vaccinations but is naturally occurring in human breath anyway.

      • “Exposure to Deadly Formaldehyde in Second Hand Smoke” is usually around the .007 ppm level.  However “Perfectly safe trace levels of formaldehyde” are common in baby shampoos… at 610 ppm — 87,000 times more concentrated!  Once you factor in the deadliness of airborne disease and speed of action, I believe that it is, in all real probability, safer for one’s health to be in a decently ventilated smoking bar/restaurant than in the normally poorly ventilated smoke-banned ones.

        – MJM

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