The bliss of silence — 14 Comments

  1. I haven’t flicked the telly on since mid November, won’t set foot in a mall, and for Christmas, me and the mr head to the cottage and ignore the hoopla. Tis lovely.

    • As I said, the telly is strictly and rigidly controlled and there is only one shop in the area that plays quiet[ish] music which I can easily ignore.  All my main shopping including groceries is done on line so I escape a;; the supermarkets.

      Blissful peace.

  2. It’s not just me then,I used to enjoy the c word when it kicked off in December and not September.

    • In the Dark Days when I lived in suburbia I used to bring the dog for walks around the housing estates.  The trees used to start appearing in windows in early November, which I found very depressing.  Now that I live in the civilised rurality, I won’t probably see a tree until Christmas Eve when I put one up here.  If I bother, that is.  I live by the old rules – Christmas starts on Christmas Eve and lasts twelve days, then that’s it.

  3. Shit Granddad, you still watch the telly? I’ve got Sky as well: a 100 channels, mostly shite. I keep it because the missus loves the cooking channels and the reality bollocks. And when my grand ween visits she watches the cartoon channel.Thank the Lord for You Tube. Anyway, I get all the news I want from the weather report.

    • No.  Herself does and I sort of tolerate it.  We have somewhere in the high hundreds of channels, most of which are dedicated to rerunning repeats which have just been repeated on several other channels.  The rest are all reality, cooking, God, shopping, ancient [pre black & white?] films, people moving houses and the most awful tripe that even the Americans have discarded.   Herself is out at the moment and the house is blissfully quiet without the telly. 

  4. Ah yes, the solstice – when the days start to get longer, BST is merely three months off and the sun’s warmth will get through. I love the summer and in a few short days, I can celebrate its coming.

    • Indeed, the celebrations here are more for the Solstice than anything.   Maybe it’s my Celt ancestry or maybe it’s just that I do NOT like cold winter darkness!

  5. You know what really gets on my wick during the “Festive Season” down here in OZ? Bloody television adds showing all the family gathered around the toasty fire feasting and drinking while it is snowing outside, WTF, this is the southern hemisphere! Christmas day is usually a balmy 38 deg C and the only ice to be seen is in the Eski (cooler) keeping the beer icy cold.

    And don’t start me on Christmas cards with sleighs, snowy winter scenes, pine trees etc.!!!!!! I can count on one hand the number of times I have seen snow in OZ and it certainly wasn’t in December.

    • We get the same wanky bollocks in New Zealand. Makes me want to burn stuff, it sorely does.

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