Divine intervention — 12 Comments

  1. Well, the big question is did the car start when you got back? Or the next day?

    If it did, God is smiling on you. If it didn’t, better wait for the next clobber – which might be the dishwasher, the washing machine or the central heating. Is it a coincidence they all seem to collapse together?

    Is god good, or bad? 😀

    • I didn’t try when I got back, and didn’t give Them Up There a chance to annoy me [or save me] the following day.  I recharged my defibrillator overnight and gave the car battery about six hours on quick-charge.  It started perfectly yesterday.

      If the dishwasher breaks down I am in serious trouble.  [hint: I’m the dishwasher]

    • Funny thing – that was the first thought that crossed my mind.  They were on to a nice little earner.

  2. Maybe it might have been better if the law had just gone on strike for Christmas?

    “Tis the season to get langers, tra, la, la, la, …, la, la, la.”

  3. You mean plain-packaging and successive tax-hikes and fear of living a far shorter, more miserable existence hasn’t stopped your smokier-halves’ (<- correct punctuation?) consumption of the "bloomin' fags?" Good heavens!
    What an amazing anecdote that bears absolutely no semblance to reality.

    (sarcasm intended).

    • She smokes under Doc’s orders.  It keeps her calm, along with half a bottle of gin a day of course.  Doc maintains that if she quit, it would be bad for my health and I tend to agree.

  4. Well, when you think the time is right, go out and pull the battery cables, clean the green crap off of them (if any), put them back on and make sure the cable clamps are good and tight. If it doesn’t start then or it can’t be charged, it’s probably time for a new battery.

    Yup, divine  intervention or fate lending a hand. Either that or what we, in the submarine force, used to call, “shit-blind luck”.

    • The battery is relatively new [I replaced it in case it was the problem]. 

      I think I may have solved the problem.  If so I could kick myself for not thinking of it before.  My new theory is that the charger isn’t up to the task.  I’ll get a new, more powerful model sometime this week and try that.  That’s always assuming I can get the car to start……

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