Telling porkies — 2 Comments

  1. What kind of society are we becoming where we are encouraged to sneer and jeer at our fellow man? 

    Unless, of course, our fellow man happens to be either gay / transgender or Muslim, in which case if we jeer we will be arrested for 'hate speech', since these are now things we should be celebrating.

    The world today is truly fucked up, GD. I worry for my grandchildren (I have five, and three of them live in Australia 🙁 ) and the sort of lives that will be available to them. We were fortunate to grow up in the era that we did, because it's fast disappearing under an avalanche of stupidity.

    • Sadly I agree about the future.  This tidal wave of righteous hatred seems to be gathering momentum and I really do fear for the future generations.  I really do believe these people are thoroughly evil.

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