14 things only Irish grandads love — 4 Comments

  1. You could do a list of 'Things that really piss people off on the internet'. 

    Number one could be 'Pointless lists of stuff which are always completely fucking wrong'.

    • That isn't a bad idea, now that you mention it.  It would be a beautiful self-defeating paradox, and I wonder if anyone would notice?

    • “We was doing it and then he flipped me over and began to tear it up from the back. Asked him several times to be gentle, then I began to beg him to stop. That’s when he started going harder. I felt pressure building up in my booty and it felt like my booty was trippling in size, I felt the skin stretching. It was a pain I never experienced” says Tamela Martin. Martin recently received butt injections to give her a larger bottom and was aware of the risks involved.


      Only in America………

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