World Tobacco Day 2016 — 19 Comments

    • As I said – they are notoriously difficult to find.  I finally found a seller on eBay who delivers 'em for free.  This is where I got mine

      Damn!  I see they've nearly doubled the price!  Be prepared for a long wait though – it took over three weeks to arrive.

  1. I like it! I have no need for it, don't smoke never have but dammit I want one anyway. Now look what you've done.

    • Heh!  I admit they aren't much use for anything other than applying to the tip of a small cylinder [i.e. a cigarette?] but they do work, but I suppose if you carry around some kitchen paper to act as a firelighter they're good for anyone.

  2. Neat! I would have ordered a few, but although it says 'delivers worldwide', the list of exclusions is as long as your arm, and Greece is included in that list.

    I do wonder about that, sometimes. The item is sent from Hong Kong, and they send to UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Italy and Germany, so why not to Greece? Looks like the only way I can get some is to send them to my daughter in UK and get her to send them on to me here, which is a right faff.

    • Damn!  I should have ordered a couple of hundred and then adding a vast mark-up and re-selling.

      Everyone knows that Greeks can't afford a yoyo or two and default on all their bills.  That's what Brussels keeps telling us anyway.

  3. They're a little more expensive, but the dual arc pulse lighters are quite fun. Still not much use for a pipe, although could perhaps be modified.

    • Those dual arc yokes look like Tasers.  I wonder if they would be as effective?  The only reason I didn't go for them is there seemed to be more that could go wrong.  You need a good flame to light a pipe so arcing certainly wouldn't do the job.  I'll stick with my Petersons!

    • Hundreds [thousands] of years of culture, tradition and pleasure snuffed out in a couple of short decades just because os a few fanatics.  Why did they have to pick my lifetime to spread their misery?

  4. If my dad still smoked, I'm sure he'd have 20 of these stashed all over the house. Nifty!

    • Herself has been giving hers a bit of heavy road testing today.  It seems they need to be charged fairly regularly and I'm not sure quite how long the element will last.  Maybe that's why they're so cheap?  Maybe I should have bought 20!

      • I'm not sure how difficult it would be to take apart, but it looks like a "stove-top" coil in there, if you know someone who rebuilds their own RDA's, it might be replaceable with regular A1 Kanthal wire. Not sure if it would be worth it, or just buy another 19! 😉

    • The article says that religious guilt has been replaced by secular, state-aided guilt about 'unhealthy' lifestyle such as smoking, eating too much fatty & sugary things and 'other excesses'. Maybe, but the rich stay rich and the international banking institutions which fuelled the Boom remain controlling the financial levers such as the Troika. There was another thing called social conscience which religious organizations sometimes taught. But don't tell that to governments – they might try to co-opt the idea and modify it for their own financial and directoral purposes. Meanwhile, let smokers puff for a free society. You have nothing to lose except your pipe dreams, to paraphrase Lenin.

    • Hah!  I think I found that all right and spotted their little line – "Sorry, this Seller doesn’t deliver to Ireland".  I just discounted it then and went hunting on eBay.

      Herself has been stress testing one for the last couple of days.  Prognosis isn't that good!  We're having problems already, so don't throw the matches away just yet…..

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