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  1. Under the O.B.A.M.A.* administration our Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has gone completely off the rails.  They got caught in a lie to Congress and the current Dept. of Justice (HA!) refused to do anything about it.  The one that got me is the rancher in Colorado who got sent to jail for building a pond on his land.  Yes, you read that correctly.  He got sent to prison because he built a dam and allowed the rain water to collect behind it, thus he created a pond.  First the state of Colorado tried to say that all the water in Colorado is owned by the state.  He won that fight but then the EPA came in and filed suit against him for the same thing.  This time the entire force of the Federal Government was behind them and he lost his court case and got sent to prison… for owning illegal water!


    * One Big Ass Mistake America 

    • I remember that bloke in Colorado.  Was he the one where the state reckoned they owned the rain?  Or maybe that was another crazy bit of  state control?

      Never mind.  You'll soon have a new prez, and everything will be returned to sanity.


      Wow!  I have just [accidentally] granted myself the honour of putting up the 50,000th comment.  I wonder what my prize is?

    • We should run a competition – first to spot the immortal phrase "no safe level of sugar".  I suggest a first prize of a crate of Mars Bars?

  2. We tried to get rid of the Puritans before. They wanted the freedom to be intolerant, to tell people how to live their lives, so they got in a boat and sailed off from Plymouth in 1620. The consequences of that journey are still with us.

    • Indeed.  And if you want a glimpse of the world as our new homespun Purists would like us to inhabit, take a look at the Amish in the States – no alcohol, no tobacco, eat the prescribed food, no electricity or cars or any of the modern conveniences.  It's heading that way now that they are gaining momentum.

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