On the hustings — 16 Comments

    • The first canvasser in years.  They normally don't bother us in the wilds.  It just wasn't his day.

  1. Vote Number 1 Penny, and give your second preference to the Independent who seems most likely to be eliminated after the first count.

  2. Even in your senior years Grandad, I imagine you have the capacity to conjure up a mood of impending violence for the unwanted attentions of the vested interest !

    • In a moment of confrontation the best thing to do is smile.  Scares the shit out of the opponent.  Add to that my height at over six foot, the fact that I look younger [thanks to the relaxing pipe] and that my hair [and beard] haven't been cut or combed for a while, I imagine he would have second thoughts at having an argument?

  3. snicker…well done Penny. You use the same tactic my Mr. uses when they call, just quiet and smile till they hang themselves by asking do you have any questions.

    • Our Penny is very much SBD [Silent But Deadly].  She doesn't bark much, just leaves her turds for people to step in.  They're like her farts.

  4. Thanks much, Grandad. I really needed the chuckle your post here gave me. I was able to construct a clear mental picture (video?) of the entire episode–including the turds.

    • I did think a while ago about installing a security camera [but didn't bother].  It would have come in handy?  Though on second thoughts, they don't have sound so you'd have missed the juicy bits.

  5. Good point about rural front and back doors. Our postman knocks on the front and gives you the parcel at the back. Some front door knockers are breakdowns or lost. However there is a good chance they will be chuggers – do you get those in Ireland?

    • There is a simple rule with  the postman [mutually agreed].  If he has a parcel and the car is in the garden he leaves the parcel in the window-box.  If there's no car he drops it around the back.

      There a few houses here so I never get the lost or the breakdowns [I get a load of the lost if I am working out on the road though.  I send them up to the Bogs.]  Mercifully we are too remote for chuggers, and the only charity knockers are local kids looking for sponsorship and they soon learned their lesson.

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