There is no such thing as a safe level — 15 Comments

  1. So you're saying smoking humans is worse than smoking cigarettes and, since the dose makes the poison, smoking big humans is even more dangerous than smoking small ones?

    • Infinitely worse.  By comparison cigarettes are as harmless as a breath of fresh air.  Not only do humans contain all those deadly elements, but they also contain deadly viruses, all of which can be transferred to yourself.

      Humans are lethal.

      They should be banned

  2. Ah, but you're missing the point, GD. The whole basis of Tobacco Control science is homeopathic, which is why SHS is so much more deadly than first-hand smoke, and can wipe out a medium sized city in a matter of days if someone lights up in a pub. Which is why they've very sensibly banned smoking in pubs. Well, you can't have blokes going round sparking up a fag and decimating whole cities, can you now? And as for third-hand smoke; well, that is the most toxic substance known to man. And it has the uncanny property of slaughtering all children within a 100 mile radius! In minutes!

    Yes GD, the dose makes the poison, but according to TC's homeopathic principles, the femtograms of these poisons produced by tobacco is absolutely lethal!

    You have been warned!

    • So what you are saying is that it's an inverse rule – the smaller the dose, the greater the poison?  Someone had better warn the toxicologists that they were wrong all along?

  3. I'm Dublin city born and raised and still living here. The fumes from cars are 1000's of times worse than anything contained in cigarettes. 

    Keep Puffing Grandad

    • Tell me about it.  I worked in Hawkin's House for a few years.  Never had so many chest complaints before or since.  The air was unbreathable a lot of the time.

  4. Formaldehyde is also a constituent in wood and also in MDF (medium density fibre board beloved of flat pack furniture makers)

    So they should ban IKEA and Oak Furnitureland 😀

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