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  1. The righteous of 'public health' put me in mind of the primary school teacher's pets, always with their hands up, saying "pick me, Miss, pick me! I know the answer Miss!", and then basking in the glory of approval of the authority figure.

    I used to hate those kids. I used to hate the teachers, too. And the school. Which is probably why I left school at 16 with only two and a half 'O' levels. Unsurprisingly, I still hate those kids (who now probably all work for 'public health' or in politics), and the authority figures that they aspired to. It really is a case of "I'm more righteous than you, so there! Na na nana na!"

    They really are a fucking pestilence.

    • They certainly revel in the "awards" they grant each other.  I see that Scotland is now a "world leader" so the others will have to come up with something even more drastic for the approbation of their peers.  I get the impression of a private club with exclusive membership where each member lacks confidence and just wishes to impress the other members with how loyal they are.  Fucking nauseating.

  2. " . . . an evangelical belief that they are doing the work of the righteous".

    Actually, evangelicals believe in individual conscience and individual freedom of religion, but perhaps in the Indo it would not be politically correct to point to the religious tradition that has presumed to rule upon everything, including people's sex lives.

    • Maybe dogmatic would be a better choice of word?  There certainly seems to be a religious element to the whole movement?

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