Starting the New Year with Nanny — 11 Comments

  1.                   Any law that cannot be enforced undermines all laws.(Even the good ones)

    • That is too close to the bone to be funny!  [though I did get a laugh]

      Did they ever introduce it Over There?  There are so many of these damned prohibitions that I have lost track of a lot of them.

      • Grandad,

        I believe it came into 'force' in October but I'm pretty sure it hasn't been 'enforced' at this time. I seem to remember various police forces stating they had other, more pressing, stuff to worry about.

  2. Wishing that cheerful child on the roof rack a Happy Christmas. Is his bucket and spade for the beach in the suitcase?

    • Who cares?  He'll have fallen off long before we get there [and assuming we haven't gone under a low bridge at speed].

  3. The way kids are today and what they are taught in school, they are liable to dob you in the PC Police

    • Welcome John!  Why do I have the nasty feeling that they hope this law will encourage kids to snitch on their parents?  They really are trying to get society to raise a nasty little bunch of horrors, where the kids nag the parents and ultimately report them to the police.  Shades of Hitler Youth?

  4. This nasty little law has been in Australia for a while now, although I've never seen it enforced. However its a great way to avoid having to pick up and drop off anyone's kids. I don't smoke, but they want to apply this nonsense to vapers as well, excellent, no more "can you pick up what'shisface from school today?" my answer, "no, I wouldn't want to endanger your little darling with my second hand vape, its got nicotine in it you know, your little brat is hyper enough, wouldn't want to make him any worse". I've long banned children from eating in my car, (dirty little buggers leave crap everywhere), at least now I don't have to justify my rules, the LAW protects the little blighters. 

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