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  1. Mrs Brown? Never heard of her. Never watched Father Ted, either. I remember it being on when I walked in the room once, years ago, and I watched about ten seconds of it and walked out again. Not my style of humour. What makes me chuckle is the rather more anarchic style. Spike Milligan, Monty Python etc. Or the subtly irreverent.. I used to love Dave Allen, in the days when he always had a drink and a ciggy on the go. Classic. Slapstick never really did it for me.

      • Heh! Funny you should say that. That has to be my all time favourite movie – I've watched it a dozen times or more, and yet it never fails to make me laugh! No doubt I'll watch it a dozen times more….The Holy Grail had some brilliant moments, but Life of Brian was sublime from beginning to end.

  2. As a youngster I used to enjoy Norman Wisdom starring in several British comedy films. He dressed in a daft way with a peaked cap and spoke in a goofy, polite shy way to everybody. Smart characters brushed him aside. But he sang a song or two and won the heart of a pretty girl in the end. The Three Stooges and the Marx Brothers were the others who got me chuckling. Flying saucer movies were dead boring.

    Happy Christmas Grandad, and the same to Herself.

    • Heh!  I went through a Norman Wisdom phase myself [briefly].  The great British comedies though came from Ealing.  I can watch those repeatedly and still get a laugh.

      And many happy returns!

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