The origin of Newgrange — 7 Comments

  1. Deflowering virgins? Um…no thanks. Considering the age that the younger set have sex these days, you'd probably have to look to the below 15 group before you'd find any and I'm too old for prison.

    And I've always been rather amused that "Christmas" with all it's traditions and rituals (including the Christmas tree) was and is almost completely pagan in origin. So…

    Happy Winter Solstice to you and yours, Grandad.

    • Just about everything about Christmas is Pagan in origin – the date, holly and ivy, mistletoe, the Christmas tree to name but a few.  The only thing of Christian origin that I can think of is Santa!

      And  very Happy Solstice to you and your Herself too.

  2. Lapdancing in broad winter? Those Druids at Newgrange shulda constructed an elaborate mathematical stone contraption to catch the shining sun on the summer solstice. Or has the Irish climate changed – was the winter then summer and the summer winter?

    I've been nursing a hunch that the monks who built the round towers around 800 AD were in fact toying with rocket science. If only they'd sent St. Brendan the navigator to China instead of to America they woulda had the loud banger fuel to send a prototype round tower rocket into space. Good old Sino-Hibernian knowhow would now be in the encyclopedias.

  3. " deflowering of virgins [not that there’s many of them around these days]. "

    Doesn't matter any more, at my age I can't cope with many.

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