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Met Éireann plans to start naming storms from next year

That should be interesting?  Or not, as the case may be?

Having given us a load of colour codes to ponder upon, they are now going to give us names to remember.

I'm hopeless at remembering names.

They say it's so we can relate to the storms, and that it will give storms "personality".  I'm not quite sure how naming a storm will give it a personality, as storms by their nature tend to be remarkably similar – a lot of wind and a lot of rain and probably a lot of flooding, but that's about it.  Will they start claiming a that a storm is shy?  Maybe we will have introvert and extrovert storms?  "Here comes good old Storm Harry who is a right barrel of laughs"?  Will we want to invite them home to a party?

I don't think I really want to relate to storms either.  Supposing I over-relate and take a great fancy to Storm Mary?  Won't I be devastated when she blows herself out?  Do I try to take consolation from the fact that she blew me first?

We have already been naming storms for some years now.

In succession we had storms "Charlie", "Bertie" and "Brian" and are currently suffering from Storm "Enda".  They have caused billions in damage and have utterly devastated the country, but we console ourselves that they always head on to mainland Europe.

I wonder who the next storm will be? 

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Blow me — 13 Comments

  1. Sooner or later someone will decide to sell "sponsorship" of the storms. "our rain today is brought to you by Michelin, never drive in rain without Michelin tires"

    • It is already being done apparently.  Some university in Germany unofficially names storms in Europe and "for a fee" you can sponsor a name.

    • Ahhh!  Poor Gerald!  He is the polar opposite of Enda – famous for giving the camera a wink at the end of the forecast. 

      [I nearly wrote "giving the cimera a wank"?]

        • Can't comment.  Stopped watching Bond when Sean Connery left.  Can't stand Moore.  Don't know why [apart from him being a crap actor, that is].

          • I love his raised eyebrow when he looks right into the camera…my favorite bond simply because he played the character as a caricature…Connery on the other hand played as himself no matter what character he was supposed to be playing as did Marion.

            • The really strange thing about Connery is that whatever part he plays, he plays with a Scottish accent and it somehow works.

              Bond – English spy

              Hunt for Red October – Russian submarine captain

              The Name of the Rose – Italian monk

              I don't know how he does it!

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