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  1. Sooner or later someone will decide to sell "sponsorship" of the storms. "our rain today is brought to you by Michelin, never drive in rain without Michelin tires"

    • It is already being done apparently.  Some university in Germany unofficially names storms in Europe and "for a fee" you can sponsor a name.

    • Ahhh!  Poor Gerald!  He is the polar opposite of Enda – famous for giving the camera a wink at the end of the forecast. 

      [I nearly wrote "giving the cimera a wank"?]

        • Can't comment.  Stopped watching Bond when Sean Connery left.  Can't stand Moore.  Don't know why [apart from him being a crap actor, that is].

          • I love his raised eyebrow when he looks right into the camera…my favorite bond simply because he played the character as a caricature…Connery on the other hand played as himself no matter what character he was supposed to be playing as did Marion.

            • The really strange thing about Connery is that whatever part he plays, he plays with a Scottish accent and it somehow works.

              Bond – English spy

              Hunt for Red October – Russian submarine captain

              The Name of the Rose – Italian monk

              I don't know how he does it!

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