Following the flock

I may have mentioned before how Twitter keeps sending me recommendations?

Some of the time they tell me about things that "are popular on Twitter" and enclose a list of items that are all about two weeks out of date.  They have yet to send me anything of interest under that banner.

The other thing they keep doing is sending me "people I may know on Twitter".  This one is a little strange as either I know they are on Twitter or I don't.  If I know they are on Twitter and am interested in them then the chances are I am already following them so I can't really see the point in the email.

Their latest suggestion is a case in point.  For the last few days they have been suggesting the same three names.  For once, I have heard of all three which I suppose is something. 

The first is a bit-part actress whose only claim to fame is that she is married to a bloke who plays with odd shaped balls.  With all due respect to the lady, I cannot see why I should be interested in her vague mutterings.  I see she has nearly 200,000 followers, which is testament to the dumbness of people who "follow" so called celebrities just because they know the name.

The second is a grossly over-paid scruff who cant even pronounce his own name.  His all too frequent appearances on television have meant I have developed lightening reactions on the channel-change button on my remote.  I cannot stand the fucker.  He may think he is God's gift to the world, but that is no reason to follow his outpourings on Twitter.  Again, he has over four million followers which just shows how many sad people there are out there.

The third is a screeching queen from Cork who is another that I cannot tolerate for any longer than a picosecond.  He is a pain in the ears, the eyes and the intelligence and I have actually been known to break a remote control in my hurry to switch television channels.  I see he has nearly 900,000 followers which frankly is a sad reflection of the world of Twitter.

I find it very difficult to understand this practice of "following" so called celebrities.  Do they think that by following someone, some of the fame may rub off?  Do they think their idol is going to somehow even notice them?  Or do they just follow the flock?

I confess I once "followed" Barak Obama.

I waited until I got a message saying that he was now following me.

Then I "unfollowed" him.

That's the way to do it.

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Following the flock — 6 Comments

  1. Judging by news reports of what is tweeted, I find it hard to come to any other conclusion. Limiting yersel' to only 140 characters does not allow for great displays of brilliant thought.

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