Eight things I have learned — 17 Comments

  1. Scary shit by the sounds of it…sympathy is of little use in these situations…you have it anyways…

  2. Stick your car in the car park, ignore the pay and display and leave it there as long as you like – since the car park is 'policed' by a private company, the parking tickets they issue are meaningless and unenforceable. I always shred them. And as for the price of the hospital pig swill coffee, take your own.

    Since the hospital is a public building, owned and paid for by the taxpayer, i.e. you – no one can order you not to smoke on the premises. They can only ask you, and if you don't want to stub out your fag, then they have no authority to do anything about it. Let them guess your name too. It is NOT a case of 'their gaff, their rules'.

    • There is no place to park except in the car park as the roads are too narrow.  Parking outside the hospital is out too as there are never any spaces.

      I am delighted to say that the smoking "ban" is completely ignored and people smoke wherever they like.  As do I.  Still haven't found those fucking speakers though.

  3. I am glad to hear that Irish nurses retain their well deserved reputation as Guardian Angels. They and the junior doctors tend to be overworked and underpaid. Did you see any Filipino nurses around? They travel the world in search of jobs.

    • Irish nurses a few and far between on the wards.  They seem to cover just about every other nationality including lots of Philippinos.

      • A small grammatical clarification. Filipina = female person from the Philippines; Filipino = male person. I have met them in China and the Middle East. Sincere, mild-mannered people, most of them.

        • In that case there are quite a few Filipinos and Filipinas around.  And yes – they are all very nice kind people.

  4. I hope Herself is fit and well ASAP, with the minimum of pain, aggro and distresses.  All the best, and good fortune attend…

  5. The closed windows in St Vincent's Hospital is interesting. The CUH in Cork also has the condescending voice about smoking but also adds that your cigarette smoke rises and drifts in the windows of the children's wards, killing them in their cots I suppose. But all windows are nailed shut and when I asked why, they said it was a Health & Safety issue. They fear someone might fall out of an open window.

    • What the fuck would the HSE know about Health and Safety?

      The windows do actually open but only by an inch or two which is damn all use.  It has cooled down a bit now but I felt really sorry for those poor bastards stuck in the beds beside the windows with the sun streaming in.  Very unhealthy.

  6. I hope all is getting better by the day.  You and your's are in my thoughts and prayers.  You're in my good thoughts.  🙂


  7. Thanks again, everyone.

    Not much to report on the progress front except that it looks like I'll be commuting for some time to come yet.  At least I know my way around that gaff now.

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