Laughter is the best medicine

It would be hilariously funny if it wasn’t so serious.

Irish Water are up to their necks in it yet again.

First we had the scandal of a computer system that failed on its very first day.

Then they sent over six thousand people’s details to the wrong addresses.

How about the fiasco over the bonuses that staff were to get even if their performance “needs improvement”?

Now we hear that tenants’ banking details were sent to their landlords.

Talk about the gift that keeps on giving!

I swear the writers of Father Ted couldn’t have dreamed this one up.

It is no wonder that a million households haven’t signed up.  Out of a total of one and half million, that is more than an angry minority.

I passed on the latest to Herself today when I visited. 

She wet herself laughing.

So Irish Water are good for something?

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Laughter is the best medicine — 7 Comments

  1. Careful you will be excommunicated if you spread the word that laughter is the best medicine inside on of the medical temples. Good to hear herself is… well herself…how's Penny coping?

    • Those miserable scrotes wouldn't know laughter if it jumped up and bit them.  They live in a dull grey world.

      Poor Penny is utterly confused.  She hasn't a clue where her Missus is and keeps searching the house.  Also she can't understand why I keep leaving her alone in the house, when I normally bring her everywhere.  I wish I could talk Dog, so I could explain things.

  2. Glad 'Herself' is up to laughing,  hopefully things are improving??

    We're having problems with our water as well, we've finally managed to pay them up to August 2012  The rest of the island has now centralised the water offices but ours (Kokkini) is in such a mess they don't want it.  No wonder the government has money problems…..couldn't run a bath!


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