Laughter is the best medicine — 7 Comments

  1. Careful you will be excommunicated if you spread the word that laughter is the best medicine inside on of the medical temples. Good to hear herself is… well herself…how's Penny coping?

    • Those miserable scrotes wouldn't know laughter if it jumped up and bit them.  They live in a dull grey world.

      Poor Penny is utterly confused.  She hasn't a clue where her Missus is and keeps searching the house.  Also she can't understand why I keep leaving her alone in the house, when I normally bring her everywhere.  I wish I could talk Dog, so I could explain things.

  2. They'll claim the ability to turn tap water into wine next – and there'll be extra special bonuses for the intrepid executives.

    • If they start serving wine [or even better, whiskey] through my taps I might even consider paying.

  3. Glad 'Herself' is up to laughing,  hopefully things are improving??

    We're having problems with our water as well, we've finally managed to pay them up to August 2012  The rest of the island has now centralised the water offices but ours (Kokkini) is in such a mess they don't want it.  No wonder the government has money problems…..couldn't run a bath!


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