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  1. Hope you get over a sad dog day or two.

    Paddy the Irishman and Paddy the Englishman were playing golf when the ball hit a fair clout to the Irishman's head. "That'll cost you five thousand pounds in compensation," he declared.

    "But I shouted fore," said the Englishman.

    "Alright, it's a deal then. Four thousand." replied a relieved Paddy the Irishman.

  2. Hope you are both well and your post does not mean bad news. Hope you will be back soon, maybe some of us can help if you want. Four years ago, without symptoms or warning I was suddenly faced with a cancer dx, as you say no one can know the future but mine turned out fine after all. Hopefully it is nothing like that.

  3. Thanks everyone for your kind wishes.

    Without going into any details, we had a bit of a shock that has since been downgraded from catastrophic to serious.  I'm fine [if a bit knackered] and Penny is bewildered and wondering what the fuck is going on.

  4. Glad that it's "serious not catastrophic" but serious is bad enough.  Wishing you, herself, and Penny the best.  Hope to hear form you soon.

  5. My first post on this site,but an avid reader of Grandads ramblings and all the comments.I just want to add my best wishes and sincerly hope everything turns out okay.

  6. Oh come on you old bastard.  For once, tell us the truth.  Then at least we can honestly sympathise or just wish you a final farewell.  Penny will never be the same, but at least she may be able to continue the blog.  What's wrong, and how can we help?  You are the first visit I make every morning.  The world can not be the same without you..

  7. As they say GD, 'shit happens'. Here's hoping you crawl out of your personal pile of crap smelling of roses. I harbour a degree of confidence, knowing that you are one of the 'awkward squad', and the awkward ones do tend to weather the storms better than the compliant.

  8. Whatever is going on with you; I hope you soon get over it. Thoughts are with you…as you can see! 

  9. Wishing you and herself well GD, hope whatever it is blows over and normal service resumed. Look after yourselves.

  10. Once again – thanks everyone [and a big welcome to Jolatacqce].

    Life is beginning to settle into a new sort of routine, which is somewhat more frantic and leaves little time for musing or the odd pint or five.  It leaves me bollixed and poor Penny is more confused than ever. 

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