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  1. Interested to hear your thoughts on smoking, Grandad. Have you wrote about it previously? The 'water boy' in the video above is insane.

    • sheesh what is it with kids today?

      Top right of this page is a little box with the words "Search Site" in it what you do is enter whatever term you are seeking in that little box using the keyboard on your 'puter…phone…tablet etc and then press that little magnifying glass…this will kick grandad in the arse… he will get up spilling whisky everywhere scaring the hell out of penny and will rumble through the paper index that lives on his desk and deliver you all the pages you could possibly want relating to the search term you entered…within the blink of an eye…or two…

  2. My gut reaction to that video is that I hope waterboy guy makes a million dollars with his snake oil.  The way he was treated was rude and uncalled for.

    You are absolutley right though.  The comparison to the "anti" crowd is spot on.

    • I'm a drop ambivalent about our Bruce and his product.  It is obviously worthless as a cure, but there again a placebo can have amazing results?  How many people have been "cured" at Lourdes and other places?  There are more things in heaven and earth etc etc.  They were damn rude to him though.

  3. Strange?  It would be if we lived in a sane world.  Unfortunately, if it weren't for sites like this (and numerous others), I'd think I was the only sane one, surrounded by a load of loonies.

    Or if we're in the minority, does that make US the insane ones?  Oh shit, I feel some Jedi-style navel-gazing coming on….time for a stiff drink!

  4. Ah Grandad, comparing an anti-smoker to this guy is ridiculous. He's selling water. He's dishonest. Isn't the science on the effects of smoking on the body clear by now?

    • I think there is a fair comparison.  There has never been any proof that "second hand" smoke is in any way harmful.  There are dozens [hundreds?] of studies on the subject and they picked a handful that suited their needs.  Even then they had to change the goalposts so that an insignificant result became magically significant.  Since then they have claimed that "second hand" smoke causes everything from glue-ear and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome [despite the SID association asking them to stop] through to cancers and heart attacks.  Their "proof" of the effects of smoke are very much on a par with our friend's claims for his water.  They say it, therefore it must be true.

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