How to live with yourself

I somehow stumbled across an article over the weekend.

It was an interesting little piece about a woman who married herself.

Naturally most people will think she has somehow lost the plot, but I think she may be on to something.

First of all, she apparently didn’t rush into things as she had been having a relationship with herself for the previous six years and in that time she must have got to know herself fairly well?  I always worry when I see people marry in haste.  The proposal [on a park bench] must have been quite a moment of suspense?  After all, how would she react to such a strange proposal?

The concept of self marriage does raise some interesting points though?

Just think – no more rows.

No more fights when you come home late from the pub, pissed out of your mind, because your partner is as pissed as yourself and is out just as late.  And the trip to the pub is a lot cheaper, unless of course you have to go drink for drink with your spouse?

Sex is never a problem.  It’s there when you want it and not when you don’t.  No more headaches or being “just too tired”, because if you’re up for it then so is your partner.  You needn’t worry about contraception either.

Holidays will be a lot cheaper.  Only one plane ticket and half the baggage.  You can also avoid the single-room supplement if you point out there are two of you.  A romantic meal out will also cost just half the norm.

No more fighting over the television remote control.  After all, both yourself and your partner have equal access to the buttons.  You are guaranteed anyway that your partner will want to watch the same programme as yourself.

There is one inherent and massive disadvantage though, and frankly it’s one that requires careful thought.

If the marriage breaks down and you get a divorce, you’re going to be stuck living with your divorced partner for the rest of your life.

Maybe not such a good idea after all?

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