Driving in Ireland for foreigners — 16 Comments

  1. You still USE indicators in Ireland? Come over to Telford, nobody knows that they exist. Besides, if you used them other drivers might have a clue what you were intending to do next.

    • "if you used them other drivers might have a clue what you were intending to do next."  But that's the point.  We don't use them for that.  We use them for telling people what we have just done.  We also use them to prevent anyone from overtaking us for the next twenty miles while we drive at 30 mph.

    • Just because you drive on the right side doesn't mean it's the right side.  Right-hand drive is preferable – leaves the right hand free for swords, pistols etc.

  2. Beep Beep: The horn on rural winding roads is used for saying hello to pedestrians in your area  or persons on a bicycle. It is customary for them to wave back, even if they don't know who the hell you are. CIA field operatives should not mistake these for secret freemason signs.

    • It's also prolifically used to announce one's arrival at someone's house because one is too fucking lazy to walk up and ring the doorbell!!!

    • In Italy the car horn is provided so that you can let the world know that you are enjoying driving your car and all is right with the world. I kid you not. Many years ago I witnessed from above in the Italian alps several lone cars driving up a road with perfect visibility making full, joyous use of their klaxons.

      • In small town Ireland a convoy of klaxon-sounding cars is used on two main occasions :-

        a) when a wedding party is proceeding from the church ceremony to the hotel reception;

        b) when, after an election, a winning candidate and supporters/cronies slowly proceed through a built-up area announcing their victory.

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