Writes and wrongs

Something strange is going on here.

I come up with an idea and scribble it out, but it looks all wrong so I have to scrap it.  The keyboard dyslexia is pretty bad too and instead of the keyboard inserting wrong letters it has started substituting its own words instead of the words I type.

I had a couple of nice little pieces lined up for today but having typed out one of them I realised that I had typed complete and utter garbage, [all right – get it over with – I always type garbage – happy now?].  So I had wasted a good two minutes of my time typing out stuff which I promptly deleted.

Even this little effort isn't exactly coming out like I expected.  I know I call this place "Rambles" but this rambling is all wrong.  What's worse, it's rambling with no end in sight.

Normally when I come up with an idea, I mentally write a rough draft so I know where the beginning, the middle and the end are.  The odd time I'll come up with an idea and will just type and let the meanderings bring me where they will, but this one doesn't seem to be going anywhere.  In fact this is a brand new venture for me – starting without a fucking clue what I'm writing about and still not knowing half way through.

Either Herself has been messing with my tablets again, or I'm having a nervous breakdown.

Ah, fuck it.

This is rubbish.

Where's the delete key…… ?



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Writes and wrongs — 14 Comments

    • You may have hit the answer – I abstained last night so it's probably insufficient alcohol levels in the bloodstream.

  1. The delete key is next to the send key, they are often confused. Keyboards has also became too fast. they let you type things you have not thought of yet. 

  2. Set your keyboard to "Irish" and see if that helps (yes, "Irish" is a keyboard setting). Otherwise it's the medication.

    And why doesn't the auto-spellcheck on your magic comment field work anymore? Jost woinderinh.

    • Of course my keyboard is set to Irish.  That doesn't help though if the keyboard has rearranged its wiring though?

      And you shouldn't need a spell-checker!

      • Your keyboard rearranged it's own wiring? You've been running Linux too long maybe?

        And my mind may not need spell-checking but my fingers do apparently. And my proof reading skills seem to have gone missing.

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