Writes and wrongs — 14 Comments

  1. The delete key is next to the send key, they are often confused. Keyboards has also became too fast. they let you type things you have not thought of yet. 

  2. Set your keyboard to "Irish" and see if that helps (yes, "Irish" is a keyboard setting). Otherwise it's the medication.

    And why doesn't the auto-spellcheck on your magic comment field work anymore? Jost woinderinh.

    • Of course my keyboard is set to Irish.  That doesn't help though if the keyboard has rearranged its wiring though?

      And you shouldn't need a spell-checker!

      • Your keyboard rearranged it's own wiring? You've been running Linux too long maybe?

        And my mind may not need spell-checking but my fingers do apparently. And my proof reading skills seem to have gone missing.

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