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  1. Hot tip.
    Twice a year fill a sprayer with white vinegar and a drop or two of washing up liquid and hit those weeds with it, preferably when its sunny and t'weeds will disappear. Or train herself to do it for you!

    • That's a handy one [especially the last bit].  Anyone know where I can buy a 5 gallon drum of vinegar?  Will people queue at the gate thinking I'm selling chips?

      • We get ours 5l at a time or £1.95 from a Chinese supermarket  courtesy of a very good friend who lives within walking distance of it not 150 miles away from it like wot we do. You could have some great fun with the off piste tourists who turn up and ask for directions if you have your vinegar spray in hand, suitably labelled, when misdirecting sorry directing them. Sadly the manor will not smell like a chip oil afer spraying.

  2. Thanks for the tip Bill, does it have to be white vinegar?  If red will do there's usually a surplus of home-made wine in the area come September/October and most of it is pretty much 'vinegar'!

  3. Yer man Ron Dennis, team manager of McLaren F1 is so obsessive that twice a year he he has his gravel taken away and washed.

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