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    •  suppose the poor proles have to be given an illusion of freedom, even if it's only for a day? 

      I'm somewhat on the fence with this contrail lark.  I'm fortunate in that I live well away from the main air routes so contrails are somewhat a rarity.  I doubt the Irish gubmint would have the intelligence to try weather manipulation anyway.

      • I too am unsure about what the chemtrails are. I don't live under an air corridor either except I do on some days. Often times there are criss crossing lines in the otherwise blue sky which blend together to create a high level milk for want of a better analogy.
        Some planes leave a trail that expands and expands, others leave wispy trails which are shorter vanish within minutes whilst others leave no trails at all.

        On other days there are no planes anywhere in the sky. Just recently there have been days where the long trail planes are creating hockey sticks in the sky with curving flight paths where before they only ever flew in straight lines.

  1. That picture can not be your backyard!  You live in Ireland.  It's not raining in that picture!

    • I can never get used to that Merkanism – backyard.  A yard here is somewhere you would dump old machinery or keep cattle in, as in farmyard.

      I took that photograph between showers [when we get a brief break in the rain here we  call it Summer].  If it makes you feel any better, it's pissing down now?

  2. warms my cold heart,here the trees are just starting to show buds! still in single digit temps. sighhh hope spring comes on a saturday this year so i can enjoy it

    • The ol' garden is looking very green at the moment, but that's probably on account of all the rain.

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