The deepest cut — 15 Comments

  1. Heh! Last place I had in UK had half an acre garden, mostly laid to lawn. Even with the self-propelled jobbie (couldn't justify the expense of one of those fancy ride-on limos) it was almost half a day's work. As you say, it did make the place look half decent, and yes, the smell of fresh cut grass is very evocative, but fuck me it was a chore I was glad to see finished.

    • There is little to beat the smell of freshly cut grass [or hay].  I suppose soon someone will declare it as carcinogenic and will insist on a law against it?

  2. Agree the smell of cut grass is wonderful.  I enjoy it much more when wandering out on the back lawn with a glass of whiskey in hand to admire the work of her indoors, who says she loves cutting the grass.  Now, who am I that should stop her fun?

  3. if you are rubbing it in that spring has sprung you can go fuck  yourself! i'm looking out the window at yet more fucking snow! spring arrives here sometime in May with 3 days of summer sometime in july or august..oh how i wish i could smell the grass but right now all i'd get was cold frozen nose and frozen dog shit….i'm so done with winter right now mother nature needs a pill

    • If it's any consolation, yesterday was an aberration.  Today we're back to rain and the thermometer has dropped by about fifteen degrees.

  4. I'd mow my lawn. I'd love to mow my lawn. Unfortunately, it's under two and a half feet of snow right now. Hopefully, it will be gone by July.

    • I told you before that you should move north to a warmer climate.  Stop moaning.  It's your own fault.

      • It's the moaning time of year around here. Well, it looks like a long swim to warmer climes then. Do you have a spare room then?

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