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  1. I've said this before (dunno where – here?), but given that the US and EU were largely responsible for creating the current situation by funneling billions to the coffers of the protest organisers, they are in no position to critisise Russia for taking an interest.

    Do they also think the referendum was "illegal" and "illegitimate"?  If so, why?

    That's easy-peasy, GD. They think it's illegitimate because it didn't go the way they wanted. If the people of Crimea had voted to distance themselves from Russia and join the EU, then it would have been decreed fair and democratic, and lauded as a fine example of democracy in action.

    • If THE E.U and U.S  had been given access to the ballot boxes for a few uninterrupted hours before voting started,then we would have seen true "democracy" in all its glory.They're really pissed off about that.

  2. If the people of Cuba vote to join Guantanamo I'll accept the result. If the people of Florida vote to join Cuba I'll accept that decision providing everybody in Florida agrees to learn Spanish. If the people of Louisiana vote to sell themselves back to France…aw heck they'll have to eat French fries not freedom fries. If the people of Scotland vote for independence, will English regiments move into Edinburgh to safeguard Geordie migrants? Foreign affairs is too complicated I'm thinking and should be left to the CIA. Gilmore should be put in charge of pothole repairs west of the Shannon.

  3. Isn't it a sad state of affairs then whenever a politician speaks we know for a complete certainty that they are lying through their teeth?  If a politician told me the time I wouldn't believe him and would wonder what ulterior motive lay behind his response.

  4. (sigh) So I sacrificed my health poking holes in the ocean during the Cold War for this? Looks we just postponed the inevitable.

    The fact is, there's really no such thing another country's business any longer. If  "Interests", either US or Russian (and perhaps now the EU as well?) exist within any particular foreign country, that country just lost it's business if you catch my meaning. Pretty much everything the public thinks they know about a situation such as the current one is irrelevant. The only thing the public will know for sure is the end result or perhaps aftermath is a better word?

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