The dawn of a New Spring — 13 Comments

  1. You may need to start it on a course of antibiotics when it comes out of hospital. Perhaps of the Johnny Walker variety!

    • Isn't alcohol an antiseptic?  It's certainly a sedative so no doubt both myself and the chair will receive liberal applications……

    • An old chair out of the spare room.  It's supposed to be sprung but I swear I have parked myself on softer lumps of granite.  'Tis harder than a woman's heart.  I have actually developed a John Wayne walk as a result.

  2. I've spent most of my life repairing the unrepairable, and the only barriers are how much you're prepared to spend, and how long you can wait. Of course most people these days think the likes of me are complete nutters (they may have a point), but when I can get an old engine running with just a few basic tools I get a certain smug satisfaction.  

    And virtually any new product will be of poorer quality, and wear out sooner, than the older one. 

    • I couldn't agree more.  Everyone is too willing to chuck something just because there is something minor wrong with it.  There is something immensely satisfying in taking something to pieces, reassembling it and getting it back into full working order [usually with a few spare bits left over?].  I could have replaced the springs myself, but the problem is redoing the upholstery after – I do know my limits.

      • <i>"Usually with a few spare bits left over"</i>

        Been there, done that! Haynes manuals often came to the rescue – the earlier ones at least. They had excellent exploded diagrams of most assemblies, from which you could identify the errant bits, and deduce how important they were. Then came the tricky decision of whether to take a chance, or strip the bastard down again…


      • Me too. Car radios, hell any radio, Walkman (or should that be men?), desktops and now laptops. Often put back together sans a few bits they never seem to miss. Alternator internals filters and exhausts are my limits on the motor transportation front. Bikes (the push kind) used to be no problem but it's been 25 years since I fixed one of them.

  3. "It's the waiting that's the hardest."

    I would think that sitting in an arm chair with broken springs would be the hardest. Hoping for a full arm chair recovery.

  4. Hey GD, be strong for both of you, its amazing what they can do these days so the prognosis should be positive… and other stuff…..

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