Thoughts on spring — 15 Comments

  1. Where is the live web cam when needed?

    Be glad the spring projectile didn’t give you a hemorrhoidectomy, then you would have had a cleaning job on your hands too.

    Nice job on the repair, actually looks well planned and executed. Probably something rare around the manor.

  2. We used to get multi-channel TV (HTV and Southern) by using a coat hanger – a vice grip would have saved having to stand and hold it up in the air.

  3. Robert – Damn!  You have discovered my true identity.  😐

    Sixty – I was kind of lucky all right.  It shot downwards and impaled the floor.  As for the planning – it was improvised on the fly.  Wouldn’t you know I come from an engineering family?

    Ian – HTV used to be the only channel we got here, and that required a four inch length of coat hanger sticking in the aerial socket.  Perfect reception.  Then they fucked it all up by introducing colour and all that rubbish.

  4. Welcome, Uncle Marvo!  It’s neat, isn’t it?  The gap is only a couple of millimeters?

    TT – Just don’t like it.  It’s the nearest thing to eating flavoured packaging, and I don’t like eating that either.

  5. whats with every electronic thingamajig, be it washing fridges or dish hovers break exactly a week after their out of warranty?? For the love of allah, just this week my iron now vomits its internals all over my shirts and everytime I turn on the washing machine the power cuts off. And for whatever reason I decided to give the cooker a shack n Vac and now the clicker for the gas wont stop clicking. shoddy shoddy shoddy….

  6. is there anything that clothes hangers can’t do?? only this weekend I actually used two clothes hangers cut into bits to create balance pins for my clavichord.

    brilliant job Grandad, and you’ve probably saved quite a bit with that inventiveness – at least enough for a pint or two
    .-= kae verens´s last brainfart .. clavichord keyboard and soundbox =-.

  7. Johnie – I feel your pain.  My car was just outside its warrenty period and the instrument cluster failed.  Coat hanger wire didn’t work and I had to fork out a sum equal to three times what I paid for my first car!!

    Kae – Instrument clusters in a Focus?  Sure didn’y I find enough small change for a pint?  Incidentally I am following the clavichord development with interest.  What next?  A pipe organ?

    Ian- ….. and the sparky lines that shot up and down the screen every time a car went past?

  8. Glad to hear you’re well. Please give more updates on the guinea pigs. Their lives are often more interesting.

  9. Welcome Tony.  “Their lives are often more interesting.”  The fucking cheek of ya!!  Heh!

    Cap’n Con – I wonder where the birdies iz?

    Karyn – Hah!!  A great site.  I wonder if I should submit my work?  Nah!  Not up to their standard.


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