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    • I have had my yoke for the last ten years.  I have only just memorised my registration number.  A bloke did ask e the other day what engine size it had.  I had to confess I hadn't a clue!  I lost interest in cars once I could no longer disassemble them.

  1. I like a big flashy, redheaded vintage model, preferably aged twenty-five, running on all four cylinders. As I am not a young man she should be a gentle cruiser, with an effective braking system. Accessories available from Brown Thomas in Grafton Street.

  2. That is exactly what my Mother said to me fifty-five years ago when in response to the question ' And what kind of a car did you get a lift home in from Blackrock ' , me of course expecting something along the lines of ' oh it was a lovely little runner, I think it was a sixty-four or a sixty-five Ford Corsica with a four speed and all leather seats' got instead the immortal answer ' it was red'.

  3. My car is bahama blue.  It has a 1300cc motor, original heads, original intake and exhaust, a 30 PICT-1 carb, a 009 distributor, a 12v coil, and a n original AM Saphire radio.  She's an original (for the most part) '66 Beetle.  In other words, it's blue, curvy, and it purrs.  🙂

    All of that being sad, I know several women that know more about cars than I do.  🙂

      • Oops, didn't see the '66 Beetle part. I '68, same basic specs but it had one of those "no clutch automatics" (3 speed) which I wasn't too fond of. It was primer black, floorboards full of holes (patched), no heat and no defrost except a roll of paper towels and a small scraper for the winter. Still, it never failed to start even in the coldest weather and never failed to get me where I was going. Back then, used Beetles (sold privately) usually went for around $800.00. Now you can't get them for love nor money.

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