The difference between a man and a woman — 20 Comments

      • Referring back to the lowering of tone on a previous post, Linda a character in the comedy TV show Gimme, Gimme, Gimme once said "Oops I've got something in my eye." just as she reached into her ample posterior and tried to remove whatever was in her 'eye'.

        Strange how the memory works.

            • My apologies. What I meant to write was…

              Sounds like a damn strange show too.

              It was just the way you described: "Oops I've got something in my eye." just as she reached into her ample posterior and tried to remove whatever was in her 'eye'.

              That's what I get for trying to type and hold a conversation at the same time.

  1. I'd just say, 2003 Jeep Liberty (or whatever I happen to have at the time). Although, at the moment, I'd just answer, "broken".

    • I have had my yoke for the last ten years.  I have only just memorised my registration number.  A bloke did ask e the other day what engine size it had.  I had to confess I hadn't a clue!  I lost interest in cars once I could no longer disassemble them.

  2. Ask a man what kind of woman he has and he will probably answer red.

    At least if shes not listening.

  3. Integrated yadda, auto blah. Is that a car or a robot?


    95 Ford Probe, pop up headlights. Because pop up headlights trump all.

  4. I like a big flashy, redheaded vintage model, preferably aged twenty-five, running on all four cylinders. As I am not a young man she should be a gentle cruiser, with an effective braking system. Accessories available from Brown Thomas in Grafton Street.

  5. That is exactly what my Mother said to me fifty-five years ago when in response to the question ' And what kind of a car did you get a lift home in from Blackrock ' , me of course expecting something along the lines of ' oh it was a lovely little runner, I think it was a sixty-four or a sixty-five Ford Corsica with a four speed and all leather seats' got instead the immortal answer ' it was red'.

  6. My car is bahama blue.  It has a 1300cc motor, original heads, original intake and exhaust, a 30 PICT-1 carb, a 009 distributor, a 12v coil, and a n original AM Saphire radio.  She's an original (for the most part) '66 Beetle.  In other words, it's blue, curvy, and it purrs.  🙂

    All of that being sad, I know several women that know more about cars than I do.  🙂

      • Oops, didn't see the '66 Beetle part. I '68, same basic specs but it had one of those "no clutch automatics" (3 speed) which I wasn't too fond of. It was primer black, floorboards full of holes (patched), no heat and no defrost except a roll of paper towels and a small scraper for the winter. Still, it never failed to start even in the coldest weather and never failed to get me where I was going. Back then, used Beetles (sold privately) usually went for around $800.00. Now you can't get them for love nor money.

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