The Rocky Road — 9 Comments

  1. You should have taken the suggestion I made last time…. Too late now, the damage is done!

  2. Far be it from the Council to use this opportunity to resurface our lane. Year of patches and potholes, yet they happily do the 3 km from the village past our townland, even though it's in pretty good nick. We suffer on . . .

    • Yo Neighbour!  It's been a while?  Were you stranded behind all the roadworks?  Or did you only just manage to get out of that Kimberly hole outside your gate? 😉

      • Just waiting for the day they close the lane for roadworks. We'll have to drive in/out through your gaff. There's no other way 😉 

  3. Seems to be catching – the road outside my mother's house was compressively repaired of all potholes and other nefarious objects a few weeks back – they did a lovely job I must say.  Then late last week they came back and completely re-surfaced the whole road and then this week they are back doing their manhole cover thing – what I want to know is how come they can do all this – ain't the oul sod broke


    • Went for a drive yesterday.  I lost count of the resurfaced roads I drove over.

      They're starting to rebuild the footpaths now!

  4. They did something of the same thing to the upper end of the road that passes by our house using old ground up paving. Except instead of leaving it just loose chips spread over the previous dirt road, they mixed it with some sort of glue. Supposedly, it was supposed to keep the steep part of the road from eroding away during a heavy rain. It worked fairly well at this but now the constant traffic on the little country lane has dug out mortar holes 8 inches or more in depth and 18 inches wide. Talk about buckling your trunnions.

    Put 'em all back to dirt, that's what I say. At least you know what you're dealing with and dirt is a lot easier and cheaper to maintain.

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