Grinding my teeth — 7 Comments

  1. If you don't want the potholes repaired, send the operatives over to England. The roads around here are too poor to run a stage of the Dakar Rally over….

    • You're more than welcome to them if you are prepared to pay for them.  Be warned though – they make an unholy racket and are not conducive to a good night's sleep.

      • I was going to offer a straight swap. You have the "workers" that we have to sit around quietly drinking tea all day, We can have the noisy blighters who actually do something.

        No cost saving, but at least we both have what we want.

  2. I live on the 'North Ring Road" around Cork City and just outside our door, there is a subsidence in the road. Anything moving from the Jack Lynch Tunnel on one side or the City and the West on the other, travels on this road, 24 fucking hours a day. 


    Incredibly, two or three times every single year, we hear a loud bang outside and there is always some bastard parked on the pavement with his front wheel either gone or shoved under the car. A drop of rain appears to turn the subsidence into a crater over a couple of months. There is a bewildered look to the drivers as thy wonder how a hole how that deep could actually be on a main fucking road. 


    One can only presume that a solicitors letter wings its way to City Hall because within a day or two of all the bangs, they cordon off all one side of the road, (often for up to a week), and the Polish lad fills it with small stones while the rest of the twelve strong crew watch him.


    On the way over to get the papers this morning, I had a look at it and it's nearly ripe again to vandalize an unsuspecting tourist before the season ends. The Polish lad was back last in mid-April after it took down an Artic.


    Are the Corpo getting the house registration charge to do this ??

    • The problem I had with our mob [apart from waking me every fucking day] was that they spent a week repairing stuff that didn't need repairing.  The road was fine with just enough potholes to slow traffic to a reasonable speed.  They then whinge that they don't have enough money, and to cap it all, when they are really needed to fix something that is broken they claim the fucking budget is all spent.  Who the fuck runs these councils anyway?  They really haven't a clue.

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