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        • That is slightly beyond weird.  Your comment[s] appeared straight away on mine and probably everyone elses.  Could be a browser issue?  Some kind of cash cache thingy?

  1. Obviously you will also have to pay through the nose for the regular updates to the data to account for the frequent changes in speed limits that they apply. If they start applying that sort of "improvement" then I think I'm going to have to start a business importing cars from outside the EU that don't have the technology (you can bet that they'll make it a custodial offence to tamper with the equipment)

    In the UK they've recently made it easier for the Police to gather money from people they accuse of either tailgating or hogging the centre lane on a motorway by making them fixed penalty issues (by a strange coincidence it was at about the same time they increased a fixed penalty from £60 to £100). Apparently, previously they had to take such cases to court to grab the money punish such dangerous drivers. It feels rather as though they have just found a supplier of automatic cameras for these transgressions and are softening up the public for their installation….

    • You can be damn sure they'd include it as part of the MOT / NCT procedure – no device = no cert = no tax/insurance = hefty court proceedings.

      You almost have to admire 'em with their ingenious methods of trying to screw us?

      • Hence the suggestion for foreign plated cars. They'd be here for a while before anybody noticed them for tax, MOT, insurance…. Who said anything about registering them?

  2. This is Nazi Germany or Stalin’s Russia all over again only with more subtle methods being employed to control the public. They now just tell everyone the erosion of their rights & privacy is for their own good. Most people are more interested in whatever celebrity bollox is doing the rounds, Facebook, twitter etc with no interest in whats going on around them. One day they’ll wake up & wonder what happened & then look for someone to blame.

    • They rely of the idiot response of "I have nothing to hide".  People feel that if they are "law abiding" that they are safe.  Fuck that.  It's not for the good of the population – it's for the good of the gubmints and the Bastards of Brussels

  3. Like you said, Grandad, this is just another step to a totalitarian dictatorship.  If my current gubermint has anything to do with it, they'll be adopting this tactic in the states soon.

    • Just keep an eye on Europe if you want to see how a dictatorship takes control.

      I used to think the States' attitude to gun ownership was strange – no I'm all for it.

  4. The idiot response of I've nothing too hide is just that because you dont actually decide if you have nothing to hide the state does!

    • That is, quite simply, the best retort to the NTHNTF idiots that I have ever seen. Consider it well and truly stolen!

  5. They are just trying to find victims to fund and try and justify their overpriced and unwanted Galileo GPS project…

  6. The original "Common Market," and then the "EEC" that followed it were about free-trade and lower border tariffs. But we Irish never realized that the Maastrecht Treaty and the subsequent Lisbon Treaty is what changed all of that. Both treaties altered the authority and goals of the new EU with their aspirations of Super-State status for a United Europe. The fucking Euro was the first scam of many and look where that nonsense got us.


    But give politicians anywhere, unaccountable control and their first thought is to ride their subjects for their own enrichment and more power. I voted against both of those treaties and when we were sent back on both occasions to re-vote, I voted against them again too. I will never understand how we were so stupid !!

    • It was just a typical example of the sheeple believing everything those cunts in Merrion Street told them.

      "Vote yes and we will have endless riches.  Vote no and the sky will fall on our heads"

  7. My nephew was joking the other day and said all he needs is a horse and he can get anywhere… Well, perhaps not such a bad idea in the technology – spying era :).

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