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  1. Your blog will always have thousands of readers. I am fairly sure nearly every government agency has it on their "watch" list. A few regular, or maybe irregular, OK just plain weird people read it too. 

    • Indeed I do have thousands of readers.  Unfortunately, 99% of them are called "Gucci Handbags" or "[email protected]" or some other daft name.  As for government agencies, I think most of them block me at their firewall.  Heh!

  2. The fairer sex can become like that when they've been around the scribe too long. They can start thinking they are doing the writing or whatever it is. I think another judicious thump when she least expects it should do the trick and then, just forget it happened.

    • Us Wedded Writers have a lot to put up with.  I shall indeed continue with the judicious thumps, whether she is expecting them or not.  If I stopped, she'd just think I had stopped caring.

  3. Grandad, I want to thump my woman, but she's considerably bigger than me.How do I thump her without her thumping me back? I don't think I could survive a serious blow.

    • The first trick I find is to hide the frying pan.  Also it's an idea to lock up kitchen knives.

      In case of emergency, the baseball bat is yer only man.

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