Arse dribble — 10 Comments

    • A low tech solution to that problem – either loosen the brake pipes or resort to the old rag in the petrol tank trick.

  1. Very surprised that you still had a favourable impression of the BBC and glad that you have wised up. They seem to manage to push their left wing and climate change agenda in the most unlikely of programs.  I have to admit that I still listen to the Today programme on BBC Radio 4.  This morning we had a real treat.  UKIP's Godfrey Bloom teaching Jim Naughtie how to be non-PC.

    • The only favourable impression is a relative one when you compare it to the other stations.  ITV has gone completely to the dogs with their fucking "talent" shows, football and crap American rubbish.  Never watch RTE so I'm now reduced to the shopping channels with the occasional foray into the God channels.  Thank God for radio!

  2. I write crap everyday, but I rarely post it.  I save the most atrocious crap for the interwebs.  Maybe I'm old fashioned, but I prefer me auld Beetle with no computers to a new car with numerous processors, bluetooth, wifi, and a plethera of other gadgets that will fail eventually.   As far as arse-dribble goes, it's sheer laziness on the part of the journalist.

    • The most atrocious crap is the best, I find.  That's why I keep my standards so low.

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