People in glasshouses — 17 Comments

  1. This nerve gas thing is a smokescreen, an excuse to go to war & attack another oil rich nation. I’m not saying Assad is a choir boy but he aint a thick cunt either, he knew the UN guys wanted in, so why would he give them something to find, who’s to say the CIA & MI6 didn’t orchestrate this to give their war mongering criminal bastard governments the excuse to attack another sovereign nation, It’s Blair & Bush all over again, Cunts all of them.

    • I always get highly suspicious when I hear of the use of nerve gas or WMD or any of that crap – it's too easy for a side to use it against itself for propaganda purposes.  It's the oldest trick in the book.

  2. The truth must be somewhere in the middle. The parties to the conflict in Syria are a collective shower of bastards; the outside critics of the Assad government are a collective shower of double-standard hypocrites. I am just a peaceful law abiding bystander who likes to eat ice cream cones (99s) while listening to classical music. Leave me alone and sort out your own problems.

  3. The only reason the government are so sure Assad has chemical weapons is because we sold them to them…

  4. Makes me mad. Also, stinks for a mile – why would Assad use that stuff now, when he has practically won?

  5. If they are that keen why don't they go themnselves……lead by example ,I am sure we can have a whip round for a rifle each for them !

  6. Precisely!  No one has proven to me that Assad did indeed do it.  The UN inspectors were 5km. away from the last attack.  Unless Assad has a death wish, why on earth would he do that?  It doesn't make sense.  I think that the MB want to take over Syria, so they can kick out the remaining Christians and take over the country and thus be that much closer to Israel.  But, that is just my crazy theory.  It's ironic that a 'Peace' prize winner is calling for war.  And, it is even more ironic that all those anti-war protestors that supported Obama are now supporting War.  I, like most of you, don't want to see people suffering and dying in Syria, but it is up to the Syrian people to change things for the better.  We all know what happens when we stick our nose where it doesn't belong.

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