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  1. A lot of blogs I used to read seemed to just peter out. In most cases, I'm not sure why as I didn't know who the bloggers were, but there was some good stuff that just disappeared. I'm glad dear old Herr Bock persists, though his guarantee of offensiveness seems to have disappeared.

    • I just did a count – in total, I removed forty links which is a very sad number.  Most of the sites are still there, like abandoned cars at the roadside but just haven't been updated for many months, or in some cases, years.

      Indeed Frau Bock motors on.  Maybe we should send him a bottle of whiskey or something to rekindle that fire in his belly?  😉

  2. Thanks for the links GD.
    Did someone mention Bock.. mmmmm     I have a bit of a soft spot for cantankerous auld feckers.. 🙂 

    Just wondering, are the links you list, only bloggers who link to you.. or what you read regardless of whether they link to you or not?   





    • The former.  I had to make some sort of rule for myself otherwise the list would be gigantic and would contain a load of incredibly boring [i.e. specialist] sites.

  3. Whew! Got in just under the wire. Glad I finally posted to ye old site or I'd be lost among the slashed links.

  4. if random nonsense without any real structure or consistency is of interest, you might consider adding me too…..aww please

    • Us writers of random nonsense without any real structure or consistency must stick together!  Thanks for the link, and it has been reciprocated.

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