Finally got rid of this messy page.

All [well, nearly all] links are now on the sidebar ————————————————————>


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  1. I’ve just exported my list of feeds from Google Reader and updated the blogroll on my blog – been meaning to do that for ages!

    thanks for the reminder.

  2. Shannon – Of course you did.

    Martin – I have included you.  It’s not my fault if you have a link page that is so fucking hard to find that even Google missed it!

  3. Yes, it was ever so discretely camouflaged behind the big ‘blogroll’ button.

    I’m watching you closely now after that, careful as she goes….

  4. That’s what you get for having all your links on a separate blog!  That is a first for me!!  Is the title OK, or do you want it in full?

  5. yeah, what started out as just a place to store my bookmarks and share them with other social workers ballooned into a 15 page monstrosity. the only way i could figure out to add an additional page to it with blogger was to give it it’s own address and link it to the homepage. it’s worked out pretty well for me as blogger was designed for idiots i think…
    i only used the address for it so it would take you directly there and you wouldn’t have to scroll down the main page. i think though i would rather you used the link for the home page.

    i know that one by heart 🙂


  6. shoot…i’m still asleep

    Prin’s Links for Social Work Students or if you want to shorten that just Prin’s Links will do…just use the address for the home page. make it easy on yourself…just happy to have the link

  7. Yup. That is the address I am using, and I’ll stick to the shorter name.

    Incidentally, I started that craic once – writing a separate site to share links and the fucking thing got out of hand.  I ended up with over 200 pages and over 40,000 links.  It became [now defunct].  It was a nightmare to maintain.  Be warned!

  8. WooHoo. So you have. What a mess.
    I finally managed to finish d’auld book. Currently arguing with spell check. And the printer won’t work. Apart from that full speed ahead to sending it out to somebody this week.

  9. thanks for all this…you’ve been going four years, it’s like a good book that keeps going 🙂
    it’s 2010 now btw 🙂

  10. Loving the blog, I’m new to it so hope to see a lot more of it. Just added your blog to my links. Would be great if you could return the favour 🙂

  11. Welcome Marie!  ‘Tis a pleasure to add the link.  It’s now in there somewhere but I’m not sure where.  This damned site throws up links in a very strange random way.  I dunno why….

  12. Welcome Motherdear!  [I never thought I would have cause to say that again?!]  I am so glad you called it a site and not that other damned word.  Heh!

  13. Good day to you too Martin.  With many thanks, and your link is up there [not sure where but you can take my word for it.]

  14. Just started following your blog, loving the posts i’ve read so far. Will add to my blog roll, 😀 might even be worth a post. 

  15. Hi Grandad,

    Thanks for Including "Sun Tan"- delighted to be included, and keep up the auld Contankerousness!! Its keeps me amused here in the desert !!!


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