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  1. By an amazing (well, not really) coincidence, I read that quote earlier too (on NT's blog) and decided to copy and paste it to Farcebook ……. to wind up the control freaks.  Sure enough, a known lefty, a Guardian-reading feminist replied – 'Yes, he was well known for works of fiction!' 

    I hope she ends up in a gulag.

    • Hah!  I missed it on NT's place [I confess I often take the lazy way and read content on my reader so I miss some of the nicities].  Coincidence indeed, but still well worth repeating?

  2. Karl Marx foresaw paradise on earth for farmers and salaried workers – but bankers and retired Irish politicians disproved him.

      • Give me a rifle – or, better, a machine gun – and I'll happily be one of the first at the barricades.  Ignorant, self-serving, profligate and unprincipled spenders of our money with a mission to subjugate the sheeple; politicians thoroughly deserve what must be coming.

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