Horse riding — 20 Comments

  1. As they are having trouble providing bread, they need to keep the circuses going to keep the masses from revolting. 

  2. I don't give a flying fuck about Jennifer Aniston being pregnant or not either GD and I think I'm considered yoof.
    Besides she's in her 40s herself I'm sure.

    I heard once that Tom Jones got a ball lift.. or was that Tom Selleck.. anyways, is that the sort of thing all ye old foggies care about? 🙂

    • If they were my balls, sure – I'd care.

      Everyone else can keep their twins' business to themselves, thank you.

  3. sorry but i can't answer your question as to why anyone one should give a flying fuck in regards to Jennifer Aniston being pregnant! That said…….. i couldn't give a flying fuck about around 90% of the so called shite which is deemed news these days.  Nuff said!!!!


  4. Well I care very much. I can't afford to pay one more paternity suit brought against me by a famous celebrity I happened to shag when she begged me for it.

  5. Even if the radio question had been about junior minister Lucinda Creighton I wouldn't have been interested. Foreign celebrity junk is part of the infotainment industry that beavers away to take our minds off the essentials that matter – such as whether the euro is doomed, whether the price of spuds will go up or down, whether China will invest in an indoor polytunnel green tea plantation on the Bog of Allen,  whether Cork hurlers will make it to this year's semifinals, or whether the potholes around Grandad's home are soon going to get properly looked into by Wicklow Council.

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