Empathy — 9 Comments

  1. Are you now free to laugh, cough or sneeze?  You never realize how often you do all that until it is excruciatingly painful to do so.  Glad you're back in form.

    • I actually broke [as distinct from bruising] three ribs a few years ago – probably the most painful experience of my life.  Not only could I not laugh, cough or sneeze I couldn't lie down or even breath.  Try holding your breath for three or four weeks!

  2. Wait just a second….did you just flip me off?   It's a good thing I don't have a cracked rib-that's funny.  Thanks for the chuckle.  By the way, when did you add that feature?

    • Heh!  Yup!  That's been there for a long time.  Judging by the dates on the files, it must be there at least since last November,

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