A tyring day — 11 Comments

  1. where the fuck do the rocks come from?

    Yoofs chucking them at a grumpy old git?
    Asteroids sheding a bit of weight on a fly by?
    Another dimension.. you know the one where the EUnatics live?
    It is Ireland so anything is possible.

    • Yoofs know better, and give this place a wide berth.

      Asteroids?  No diamonds or any heavy metals so that's out.

      Another dimension is indeed a possibility.  I must look into that.

      Though I would be more inclined to blame the grandchilder.  Little sods love heaving things around the place.

  2. Butterflies sure are a positive sign that winter is over. Er, isn’t that what fritillaries are? But you say Snake’s Head Fritillaries – are they some sort of flower St. Patrick forgot to banish from holy old Ireland?

    • No butterflies, so I suppose Spring is a way off yet. 

      I'm kinda proud of my Snake's Heads.  They have been abused, mowed and generally trampled on over the years but each year they rise again [reminds me a bit of myself].  They are somewhat swamped by weeds but they still manage to put on a small but impressive show.  I don't know if they bite or not.

      • Lovely crimson colour for the time of the year. If you hear some hissing, beware – unless it's from the troublesome tyre.

  3. You say cut the grass, we say mow the lawn. Too wet to do either here, with flood water yet to recede and the river still rising! That's a beautiful flower, Grandad!

    • "Mowing the lawn" is what posh people do.  I'm a realist and to describe my patch as a lawn would be an insult to grass everywhere.

      I don't know how it got there, but that single plant has been there for as long as I remember.  It's a survivor!

      • We don't actually mow our lawn either. Sometimes it's more like "get out the hay rake and baler"….or turn the livestock out on it. As for the plant being a survivor, those are often the best ones!

        • I did contemplate getting a goat or a donkey.  Not sure what the dog would make of that.  Heh!

  4. Proper tire inflation involves spraying a generous quantity of ether into the tire and igniting it. The sudden expansion, also known as an explosion, will seat the tire on the rim. It is also a fairly quick way to remove excess, or rather all, hair from your arm and possibly eyebrows, beard, and head. 

  5. Already checked the tires on my old beast of a tractor. Now I'm just waiting for the ground to dry out enough so I can put it onto the trailer and haul it to the shop for an oil change and blade sharpening. The thing weighs 700 pounds you know, and I've gotten to that point in life where it's just too hard to hold the thing up with one hand while I take off the blades with the other.

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