Rejuvenating an old dog. — 11 Comments

    • How do you define a drop?   I would need at least a gallon.  Or a barrel of whiskey.

      • It was supposed to be one drop per kilo weight.  As I'm not a dog [despite what some might say] I walloped it by the teaspoon.

    • It tasted of aniseed with a hint of mint and just a soupçon of horse.  Fucking horses seem to get into everything these days.

  1. i always wait for that last line and once again you didn't disappoint…i'm sitting here just giggling

    • Don't believe them when they say that laughter is the best medicine.  My new friend the vet knows better.

  2. My old farrier used to swear by equine MSM (the powder not the media)   He used to stir it into his tea!!


    • And my old farter used to spray Lysol on his feets so's they wouldn't rot off. Sounds like they had a lot in common?

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