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  1. After your last post Grandad, I started thinking about life, the universe and everything, about dogs and other animals I have known over the years, and about the nature of unconditional love and so forth … and then remembered one of the best illustrations of unconditional love I have ever read:

    Shut your wife and your dog in the car boot for a couple of hours. When you open the boot, who is the more pleased to see you?

    See? Says it all to me … 

  2. I’m gobsmacked…
    I was feeling for you after yesterdays post – I had to open the doors and windows, there seemed to be a lot of dust in the air as I read it.
    Now today what do I see ?
    Call it what you like but to me it sure looks like another dog. I’ll shut up now in case I say something I regret.

  3. Caraticus – That is an excellent point. In fact I shall go so far as to put it to the test.

    Ian – Fucking hopeless.  He hasn’t even mastered the bicycle yet.

    Cat – As daughters go I have had worse she’s not too bad.  Though I had to bribe her to take the grandkids home as she wanted to leave them too.

    Snookertony – He is indeed another dog [or maybe a small horse?].  He is here just for a couple of days to keep us company and lessen the pain.  He is not a substitute [I am reconciled to the fact that there will never be another Sandy], but more of a distraction.  The only problem now is that he seems to have settled in here a little too well!


  4. There will never be another Sandy, but perhaps when you’re ready another friend will come to you. It was 3 years after I lost my Lassie before my second dog Zelda adopted me.
    They were so totally different in personality but they both loved me and I them.
    Meanwhile enjoy Woodja.
    I’ve often said “I never met a dog I didn’t like.” Can’t say the same about people though. But it’s great to see all the animal lovers here. I guess it’s true that we do stick together and offer what help we can.

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