Tugging the forelock — 17 Comments

  1. GD, you talk about 'Tugging The Forelock', well what the fuck are RTE doing in Rome? It must be costing a bloody fortune with all the heads over there. Do they think Jesus himself has resigned?

    Is it a case of Paddy keeping in good with The Church because everything else is fucked.

    Or is are we returning, courtesy of RTE, to The Church as we always did when the shit hit the fan?


  2. Grandad, have you heard the radio ad extolling the benefits of learning German? Propaganda if ever I heard it. It won’t be long now until we ditch the cabbage and bacon for liverwurst and sauerkraut. We truly are Merkel’s minnions.

  3. Barroso, a face just made for the thick end of a baseball bat……. Bastard! Although I do like watching Nigel Farage ripping him a new arse in Brussels every now and then.

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