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  1. For his grandson? Of course not! The parts are a choking hazard and by the next generation we will all have mandatory health and safety inspections in houses with children, such toys will have been made illegal and impounded.

    • With a bit of luck, that puzzle is made from lead-based glue and non-sustainable timber!

  2. I remember my first Jigsaw too. So does my middle finger. I was an eager young diy'er then, without experience or guidance I plugged the bugger in and pulled the trigger button to power it up….oh yeah! the power….wait 'till I get cutting with this, I thought.

    Two minutes later and three inches into a piece of ply, I had taken the top off my fucking finger. Later after a long and painful visit to Hospital I was involuntarily giving everyone I encountered, 'The Bird' as my digit was bandaged in that unyielding position…the embarrassment. My friends presented me with a box of Chocolate Fingers….bastards.

    I still have that Jig Saw and My G/Son will not be getting it.

    • Shame.  All kids should be allowed paly with power tools from the earliest possible age.  Teaches 'em respect for mechanics.  And electricity…

      • I always planned to put several power tools into my kid's cradle at 10 weeks of age. No more than six of course, that's all the outlets you get on the standard power bar. I never had any kids though (not for lack of trying you understand). Probably a good thing?

    • And a non-flip reply..  I really was amazed and delighted to find that old friend.  I thought it had been binned decades ago.  I'm even more delighted to pass it on.

  3. GD. If you ever feel like getting back to jigsaws may I recommend the WASGIJ. They give hoursof fun on those cold summer nights.

    The cover of the box usually gives the reaction shot – the jigsaw itself is the action. no clues given.


  4. A nice story.

    The Reverend who invented Thomas the Tank Engine lived in the town where I live now. When he died they put up a stain glass window of Thomas the Tank in the local church in his honour.  It's not very big, but pretty cool and about the only time I ever got either of my boys voluntarily into a church was to go and see it! 

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