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    • Welcome Mac!  "you'd be sorely missed"  Bollix, I would!  There would be a massive sigh of relief throughout the Interweb.

  1. Happy birthday GD.. or it that anniversary?

    I shall be back in due course to check out that senior citizen porn post.. had a bit too much of that lately though.. the via-g-ra does help a man of a certain age alright, but it can't do nothing for a flat, crumpled looking arse.   I'm sure you're is lovely though, as you suggested recently.. 🙂


  2. 6 more eh? Bring it on – I'll be delighted if I'm around in 2018 to read them.  The world desperately needs rebels without a cause –  not withstanding the smoking issue. 

  3. Blimey. Six years? I only came across this blog a few months ago, so I bloody well hope you carry on for a few more years yet. Being a fully paid up member of the awkward squad, it's nice to find a kindred spirit in the blogosphere. There really aren't enough of us around. Obviously members of aforesaid awkward squad naturally gravitate towards blogs like this – I recognise the symptoms  in many of the commenters here. Still, as Jesus said didn't say, " The meek awkward bastards shall inherit the earth. Maybe.

    • This does seem to be some kind of clearing house for awkward bastards, disgruntled sods and generally dissatisfied members of the proletariat?  Bring 'em on, I say!

      • I one got a peek at Twitter or Twatter or whatever the kids call it (yes, I know, the shame of it).  A bit like having a conversation with the contents of a tin of cat food from what I saw. 

        Don't even think of stopping, You have a duty to the non-PC brigade you know.

  4. You made it six years? Well slap me thrice and hand me to me mom-ma, will miracles never cease to happen. Here's to six more years of locking Herself in the coal bin, blowing up the neighbors, sending tourists to the bogs, belittling the government, dog stories, K8, TAT Laughing boy, Puppy Child, Sir Fartzalot and more senior porn (among all the other things.


    Glad you're around, sir. Life would be very  dull indeed without you.

    • Thank you, Kirk [M.  I have to agree that I would find life somewhat dull without me too.  Anyway, what are you on about?  You have been at the game far longer than I?

          • Okay, sure. Then again, you don't have a large amount of talented (and not so talented) people writing up posts for you for next to nothing or nothing at all. If you did then it wouldn't be "Rambles around the head of an Irish Grandad" now would it? It would be more like "Rambles around the heads of a lot of people who aren't getting paid for their creativity" or some such malarkey.

            Famous or infamous? Both I think. Depends on the on the readers viewpoint, yes? Best to cover all bases anyway.

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