You know you’re getting old when… — 27 Comments

  1. you know you're getting old when you hear a ringing sound in work and you ask your colleagues, 'do ye all hear a ringing sound or am I getting tinnitus'?  As I did today.. 
    crisis averted, they all heard it.. 🙂   Was a chat feature…. Was thinking why don't they just turn off the sound and ignore the feckers chatting to um?   

    Another one.. you know you're getting old when all the words of the sayings/hocus pocus stuff  in Mass have changed..

    "The mass has now ended"..   thanks be to fucking jesus.. get me outta here.

    When the fuck did they change all the words?  Not that I join in with the horseshit anyways.

  2. My tinnitus sound more like a full blown symphony orchestra complete with a 3 rank pipe organ with coupled 32 foot pipes and foghorn. It sings with 128 part harmony all by itself, needs no help from me. I just lay back and listen to the tunes in my head…er…ears.

  3. Billy Connelly once famously said, "You know you're getting old when your Doctor loses interest in your 'willie' and becomes fascinated with your arse instead !

  4. When you can't be drinking till 7am without feeling like something the cat dragged in….
    That is when you know you're gone auld.     help GD..  🙂

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