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  1. Oh, and whatever about the useless Irish politicians, when are they going to tell Germany and that Merkel bint to fuck off.


    This from today's Irish Times:

    "German chancellor Angela Merkel has demanded stronger central powers for the European Commission to veto national budgets that breach EU rules."


    From here:


    Thanks to that idiot Enda they think they now havethe right to run our country.


    Oops, sorry, of course they have.

    • Our lot are pathetic when it comes to Europe.  Every fucking week they are "about to renegotiate our loans".  Poor Dame Enda was devastated after the loss of his Bestest Fwiend Sarkozy and hasn't recovered since.  Of course Brussels runs this country, and somehow the gubmint is under the laughable illusion that they are going to hand it back some time.

    • Hear hear!!!  Willie – only one more faceoff and two weeks and change to go.

      Beloved Irish Hubby and I have this conversation a LOT:

      Me: "How can you stand to read/watch/listen to American political drivel when you come from such a land of such civility and good sense?"

      He: "It's fun, and besides, we're just as F'd up as you are, just differently."

      Me: "How is that possible?  And remind me (for the 7000th time) which party you're partial to FF or FG?"

      He: … reminds me, and I promptly forget.

      Happy election season, all.

  2. Someone could form a new party that would tell Europe to go fuck itself, sack the entire overpaid bureaucracy that is our Civil Service and finally run this country the way it should be run – for the people.


    There you go GD – your new role in life. I think you'd be very good. I'd vote for you on that ticket for sure, and so, I suspect, would a few million others. And while you're at it, you could nip over to UK and tell them how to do it too. They could do with some help over there culling all the troughers.


    Bunch of tossers, MPs everywhere. Lord, here in Greece the people are rioting and the MPs are blithely indifferent to it. They've got their noses so far up Merkel's arse they can smell what she's eating. All they're worried about is securing their sinecure on the Brussels gravy train. The people can go fuck themselves.  They don't even need their votes anymore; power has been handed over to the troika.





    • I wonder if a person can get elected on two votes? There again it would be simpler to adopt a slightly modified version of Sinn Feins method – an Armalite in both hands?

      Now if only I were a few years younger…………………………………….

  3. I never voted Fianna Fail and I never will…..if fact I will never vote for any of the power hungry fuckers we call Politicians.

    If however a new Party evolves, and not a reincarnation of The Greens or The PD's, I might consider a vote if the promises are right. Like fuck the Bankers, Bond Holders and The Troika/ECB/EU and all the rest.

    My family were always Labour supporters right back to the foundation with my Greatgrandfather as one of the founding members.

    He must be, with Connolly and Larkin, spinning in his grave with what the modern gobshites have done.

    I will never support the gobshites again.

    Failing all this, GD, there are two possibilities. Either you form the new party of we have an armed insurrection, Easter Sunday 2016. That'd be a good day to start the ball rolling in The GPO.


    • I'm with you on all of that, Slab.  Never ever FF.  Once or twice FG [but never again].  Usually Labour [never again, once more] and Independents.  Shower of fucking wasters, the lot of them.

      Easter 2016 sounds like an excellent date to me.  I don't think I have anything else booked for that day.  See you in the GPO?

      • I'll be with you GD and anyone else interested in starting afresh.

        "Ireland unfree shall never be at peace"

        A quote from the past that still resounds today. The Germans are screwing Ireland. They are putting Ireland where The Allies had put Germany in the late 1920's and early 1930's.

        They of all people should understand what that feels like and where it may end up.


        • "We serve Neither King nor Kaiser, but Ireland" a sign over Liberty Hall 1916.

          Ireland sorted the King thing with difficulty and Fianna Fail handed us over to the "Kaiser".

          Do we have to do it all over again?

  4. The Headrambling Party is about to set itself up and await power in the wings, or in the heather, in between the country road potholes, or in the nooks of village smokeless pubs. Fuerher wir alle warten auf Dich! Heute Wicklow und Morgen das ganze Europa. Frau Merkel, das Irische Gespenst kommt bald. Hast Du Angst?




    • 😀  Had to dust off Google Translate for that one.  So you want me to be the new Fuerher, do you?  Do I have to shave off the beard?

  5. Only yesterday, I considered writing a letter to the press. In brief, I was going to admit to voting Fine Gael/Labour last time out, but having discovered my mistake, I want my vote cancelled and taken off the list. It occurred to me that if enough people did likewise, they would no longer have a mandate to fuck everything up.

    My change of heart is down to have voted based on their policies, specifically on Bank debt, which was outlined in their pre-election manifesto. Having gained power, they obviously changed THEIR minds and decided to do the opposite. So, I changed my mind and want the election result to be announced again, minus my vote for the Government.

    • They lost their mandate the moment they decided to abandon their manifesto.  The problem with withdrawing votes is that every single voter in the country [including presumably, the TDs themselves] would have to withdraw their vote.  If one single cunt decided to let his/her vote stand then they would claim their mandate.

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