The long long list — 15 Comments

  1. The post? Just read it again and, once more, I’m in tears.
    Of course it’s worthy. It’s utterly superb.

  2. The best post? I’ve just read it again and once more, it’s reduced a grown man to tears.
    Of course it’s worthy. It’s heart wrenching and utterly beautifully written. You know it is.
    You bugger, I’m welling up again….

  3. My apolgies, somehow in reading the post, I clicked submit twice. See what you’ve done to me!

  4. tt – Thanks!  Coming from you, that’s quite something!

    JB – I wrote that post a month ago today.  I confess that I haven’t read it since as despite a month having passed and despite young Penny joining the ranks, I still miss Sandy terribly.  She was a dog in a million.

  5. Understandable. I was in the almost exact same position late last year and it’s still too painful to even look at pictures some times.
    But, that post, even just in it’s final line, managed to say everything.

  6. Congratulations on all the nominations and good luck with them. You are bound to win at least one category. All well deserved as tt says·

    I’m not going to read that post again though. I loved it enough first time.

  7. JB – One thing I regret in that post is the photograph.  It is actually the last photograph that I took of her shortly before the final journey.  She looks tired and bedraggled and it is not the way I want to remember her.  One day maybe I’ll change it, but I haven’t the heart now as it would mean going back through lots of happier times.

    Mossy – There’s a lot of good writing out there.  I wouldn’t bank on it!

    Not Green – Heh! Poison indeed.  Anyway, I write for the craic, not the plaudits.

  8. Congrats on all the nominations Grandad.
    Even if they don’t pick you for at least one category you’re still a winner in my book!

  9. Joysness – And isn’t that what it’s all about?  If youse lot is happy then so am I.

  10. Sounds like a pile of self congratulatory bollocks to me GD.. but best of luck all the same.
    Best post though?  Seriously?  How can you compare posts really?

    Do people take the thing serious? Or is it just an excuse for a knees up?

    I think you deserve a award anyways for being nice and not full of yourself and the posts aren’t bad either.    🙂

    Everyone’s a winner baby and that’s the truth….. 

  11. Anne – Self congratulatory bollocks?  Incestuous back-slapping?  Maybe, but it gives me a chance to add another little sticker on the sidelines!  I don’t know how they judge Best Post.  Least misspellings?  Best grammar?  Largest brown envelope?  Who knows?  Thanks for the thumbs up.  In my book the regular trickle of comments is what makes this site work.  If it weren’t for youse lot I would have given up years ago.

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