Holy Tree Stumps Batman — 13 Comments

  1. Thats Che Guevara.
    Or, if turned the correct way up, it’s Zoot from the Muppet Show. 

  2. This of course begs the question “Why would Jesus choose to reveal himself in a tree trunk?”
    Or a slice of toast. Or a pancake. Or peeling plaster on the side of a suburban house. All of which I’ve seen reported in newspapers.
    The mind boggles, really, at what some people will seize on as affirmation of their beliefs. I’m now waiting for the sacred dog turd to turn up…

  3. pfft its obvious a picture of the farmer that first owned that land dunno what all this jesus talk is about

  4. “The gold medal for hypocrisy has to go to Father Willie Russell of Rathkeale though.” Hypocrisy you say. Didn’t you post a link yesterday where you were in a church with a priest holding a MacDonald’s hash brown.? Or was it that piece of bread you mention?

  5. Grandad, as a firm believer in the reincarnation of the second coming, I have to say I find ye of little faith to be very short sighted when it comes to these matters.  If you look closely for long enough upon the tree stump – make sure to put on your spectacles now – you will become a believer if you squint hard enough. 
    I shall pray for you to see what is clearly in front of you. 

    Peace be with you. And also with the tree stump.  
    Have a nice weekend.

  6. Don’t sell the tree stump short. It is more intelligent then some people. I’m sure you can fill in the name of the people. 

  7. Cat – I did actually wonder if it was the resident of the plot in which the tree is growing, though on closer look apparently a woman is interred there.

    tt – What is this obsession with hash browns?  I don’t even know what a fucking hash brown looks like.  Is it like a red book?  And the only reason I was at that wedding was to give my daughter away – something I had been endeavouring to do for years,

    Anne – I looked long and hard, and far from enlightenment, I have just ended up with double vision.  Though I did discover on counting the tree rings that we are indeed experiencing Global Cooling.

    Ian – Hah!  It’s a ringer for him.  I had wondered where he got to.

    Jim – Don’t start me off or we’ll be here all night.

  8. If you look closely at the video in the beginning where they zoom in on the “woodcut” you can clearly see the chisel indentations. Not fooled…

  9. Ger – The version I found on a toilet wall once in Dublin……

    Trees are made by fools like God
    But only me can make a poem.

    Welcome Ying!  You would be surprised just how many will take that as some kind of Divine Intervention though.  If the graveyard owners had any sense, they would chip up the original tree and sell the bits as Religious Relics.  They’d make a fortune!

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